What Do Kim Kardashian, Tony Romo and a French Bulldog Have in Common?

For the 2021 Super Bowl game on Sunday, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will be pulling double duty — announcing the game alongside Jim Nantz and appearing in a new commercial for Skechers with his wife, Candice Crawford.

This isn’t the first time Romo has repped his shoe partner at the big game. He also appeared in a 2019 spot touting the brand’s Sport Slip-Ons.

And Skechers has a long history of investing in Super Bowl commercials to take advantage of one of the biggest marketing moments of the year. (Though some have questioned in recent years the value of spending millions on a 30-second spot during the game, the 2020 matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers was watched by over 100 million viewers in the U.S., between both TV and streaming. Few other broadcasts can top that.)

Some of Skechers’ most talked-about Super Bowl ads aired in the early aughts, thanks to the star wattage of Kim Kardashian and an adorable French bulldog.

Check out some of its top spots over the years:

Kim Kardashian’s Break-Up (2011) 

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star appeared in a commercial for Skechers Shape-Ups, sneakers that the brand said would help customers tone their bodies and get in shape. The ad — filled with sexual innuendo — shows Kardashian “breaking up” with her personal trainer, claiming she doesn’t need him anymore, thanks to her new sneakers.

Mr. Quiggly Goes Dog Racing (2012)

The spot starred Mr. Quiggly, the adorable bulldog who sported Skechers’ GoRun shoes and emerged victorious in a competitive dog race full of bigger contenders. Mark Cuban also made an appearance, but the pup stole the spotlight. The commercial ranked as high as No. 3 on USA Today’s ad meter the day after the game. And everyone from Katie Couric to Snoop Dogg tweeted about their affinity for the pooch.


The Cheetah Chase (2013)

To tout the updated version of its running shoe, the GoRun2, Skechers replaced Mr. Quiggly with the fastest animal in the world — a cheetah — who gets defeated by an unexpected opponent. The same year, the brand also aired a spot with legendary quarterback Joe Montana in Skechers’ Relaxed Fit shoes.


Tony Romo Takes It Easy (2019)

To mark Romo’s first appearance at the Super Bowl — alas, in the booth, not on the field — Skechers aired a commercial showing how the former quarterback is relaxing in his retirement, while wearing the brand’s slip-on sneakers.


Howie Long Flies High (2018)

The legendary NFL Hall of Famer, who became a Skechers ambassador in 2016, appeared in the brand’s Super Bowl ad to promote its Wide Fit Sport shoes. In the spot, Long is first shown sitting in an uncomfortable middle seat on an airplane before getting upgraded to first class, where he can stretch out — kind of like wearing roomy sneakers.


Pete Rose in the “Hall” (2015)

Mixing its sports metaphors a bit, Skechers aired a humorous Super Bowl commercial starring baseball legend Pete Rose, showing off his favorite Skechers Relaxed Fit sneakers while walking through the “hall of fame” — in his house. Of his commercial, Rose said at the time, “I can’t say the Super Bowl was on my bucket list, but I’m certainly glad to be there.”


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