Pioneering Recovery Footwear in the Age of Wellness

When OOFOS first introduced its recovery shoes in 2011, the company created a category all its own – opening the door for footwear to be part of the wellness consumers’ holistic lifestyle.

To an outsider looking in, OOFOS might seem to fit solely in the athletic footwear space – and having been developed by veterans of the athletic footwear industry the brand has certainly resonated with athletes and fitness enthusiasts. However, unlike typical athletic shoes, which are designed to propel performance, OOFOS offers the wearer an important distinction having been designed specifically for the pre and post-workout rebuilding and recovery phase: the company’s unique technology and design solution reduce impact and relieve load stress from the body.

Notably, research at both the UVA speed clinic and UMass biomechanics laboratory have shown the specific benefits the proprietary OOfoam™ technology has over other soft performance foams in the market. OOFOS’ foam technology solution is paired with a patented footbed design to enhance intra-foot mobility and provide soft, yet stable support for the athlete who takes on load stress from running and jumping as well as daily stress put on the body from walking on hard surfaces.

Finding immediate success with fitness enthusiasts – including many notable, professional athletes who swear by the brand – looking for faster, smarter recovery tools for post-workout routines, OOFOS also made its mark by expanding the scope of who recovery is for, proving relevancy to anyone who wants to feel better. As the ultimate visible example of someone maximizing health and wellness, it should come as no surprise then that those athletes using OOFOS in their daily routines have intrigued a broader consumer base – from teachers and nurses working long hours to celebrities looking to trade in their heels and wedges for something more functional in daily life.

“Many consumer recovery products stem from the parallel concept of wellness,” said Steve Gallo, president of OOFOS. “Consumers have established numerous wellness categories including organic foods, cryotherapy and infrared, meditation and breathing techniques for the past two decades. Everything from sleep to chocolate milk to self-massage and foam rolling has become an opportunity to improved one’s physical state and speed up recovery. It has also allowed brands to take a more dedicated focus on creating products specifically aimed at helping this larger consumer base recover from life and feel better.”

As wellness continued to grow in the pandemic and consumers looked for ways to amplify healthy lifestyles with at-home workouts and modified routines, access to traditional recovery services, like massages, also became largely unavailable.

“Consumers had to find ways they could service themselves with recovery,” said Darren Brown, head of marketing at OOFOS. “Recovery is applicable for everyone.  It’s not just for the elite or the injured. It’s for anyone who wants to be and feel better. When looking for recovery and wellness options, we find the simpler the better. Footwear is one of the easiest applications, and one that truly addresses the body at its foundation.”

To illustrate how OOFOS works as a means of recovery from performance and injury, as well as an active lifestyle, the company’s newly released mOOvers campaign features stories from former NFL player Alex Smith, Emmy-nominated choreographer Chloe Arnold and pediatric nurse and runner Lisa Black.

“I think what I’ve come to realize is that nobody has it easy as we go through this life, obviously we all deal with injuries,” said Smith. “Recovery pain for me and my injury, especially, dealing with that kind of pain, that kind of daily limitation can wear you down mentally. I still push myself physically every day and the more I can do and the harder I push myself, the more I find myself drawn to wearing OOFOS. I know that I set out every single day I get up about being present and I think when you’re feeling better, when you are recovered and can do more, that kind of positivity effects it has on you mentally, that has a compounding effect on all aspects of your life.”

From sandals to clogs to shoes and winter boots, OOFOS offers styles that meet all lifestyles and seasons – so anyone can apply recovery as part of their own approach to wellness, self-care and simply the desire to feel better.

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