The Brand Offering Something for Everyone in the Great Outdoors

As a new wave of consumers head outside, they’re turning to Joules for footwear that can take them through the elements – without sacrificing personal style.

The past year has turned the world on its head, as consumers and brands alike have had to adapt to a new landscape. In the face of restrictions and shutdowns, people from all walks of life have been able to discover nature in a fresh way, whether exploring their local park or seeking adventure further afield. But these new activities require new gear – and consumers don’t want to compromise.

Experienced outdoor athletes might prioritize performance over aesthetics, but these new enthusiasts want their shoes to be as fun as the activity they’re engaging in. These products aren’t just to be used occasionally for a niche hobby; these should be shoes that the customer doesn’t want to take off all day.

For some footwear brands, this has meant pivoting to design for an entirely new kind of audience, to varying success. For others, it has been a lost opportunity to capture a new market. But for Joules, it’s simply what the brand has always been about.

“Come rain or shine, we love the great outdoors,” said Tom Joule, founder and Chief Brand Officer of Joules. “It inspires our designs, our color palettes and the way we work. It’s where we love spending time together. And time spent together, is time well spent.”

When Tom Joule started his business in 1989, he was serving the discerning outdoor market. This meant each design had to be able to support adventurers in all their endeavors – and so Joule delivered. But style has always been a critical differentiator for the Joules brand. Merging the vibrant creativity of urban style with the purpose and practicality of the countryside, Joules creates collections that spark fun and whimsy, without compromising on quality.

A Joules boot for all the family,
CREDIT: Courtesy of Joules

“At Joules, we are constantly inspired by nature, seeking to respect our environment and enable our customers’ lifestyles with an unrivalled level of quality and attention to detail,” said Florence Castillo, US Director of Product at Joules. “Our collections capture the seasons, celebrate color and print, and connect with life’s happy feelings. We seek to provide product that gives our customers both style and function, to enable a lifestyle true to our values.”

“Nature and being outdoors has really been a lifeline for our customers over the past year with the global pandemic,” said Ashley Lo, US Marketing Manager at Joules. “Our customers and our team have found peace and happiness from spending time outdoors and we want to continue to encourage this connection with nature for everybody, without compromise.”

Today, there is no single “outdoor consumer.” Families, fashionistas, and everyone in between have been able to appreciate the natural world in a new way. Similarly, Joules creates each piece in its collection with surprise and delight in mind. Whether in the form of striking prints or unexpected details, there is nothing ordinary about a Joules shoe.

And for those who want to match with their loved ones, Joules makes that possible too. Collections in men’s, women’s and kids’ enable all members of the family to step into their preferred print, adding another splash of color to the great outdoors.

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