eBay is Adding a New Fee to Sneaker Sales After Eliminating Them in 2019

Come January, sneaker resellers will have to pay a new fee for selling their kicks on eBay.

The new fee, which goes into effect on Jan. 19, subjects all men’s and women’s athletic sneakers that sell for $100 or more to a “Final Value Fee” of 8%, or 7% for Store subscribers. Other fees, such as insertion fees, promoted listings, listing upgrades, and store subscription fees, will not change.

“As we continue to invest in our platform, we are making changes to final value fees for men’s and women’s sneakers listed in the athletic shoes category,” eBay wrote in a FAQ page announcing the fee change. “This investment will allow us to continue to bring new features and services, like Authenticity Guarantee and 3D true view, that drive trust and transparency in the sneakers categories.”

The new fee reverses a December 2019 move from eBay to eliminate seller fees for all sneakers priced over $100 in North America. At the time, eliminating those fees was seen as a move to help eBay win over resellers in a market steeped with multiple marketplace options that often include high fees.

“For our community of diehard sneakerheads, eliminating selling fees allows them to turn their kicks into more cash to fund future purchases, and results in a more robust sneaker inventory for shoppers everywhere,” Jeff Chen, eBay’s head of men’s footwear and apparel, said of the decision at the time.

In October of 2020, eBay said it would expand its “Authenticity Guarantee” to new and pre-owned collectible sneakers that cost more than $100. According to eBay, the new fees are not related to this authentication service.

Despite the new fee, eBay asserted that it remains “the most cost-competitive online marketplace for sneaker resale among competitors like GOAT, StockX, and Stadium Goods.”

eBay noted that GOAT currently charges a $5 seller fee, a 9.5% commission fee, and a 2.9% cash out fee. StockX charges a 10% transaction fee and a 3% payment processing fee. Stadium Goods charges a 20% commission fee and a 1% payment processing fee.

“From no-fee verified returns and seller protections through Authenticity Guarantee, to tools and resources to build and boost your business, to the highest sales velocity of any marketplace, eBay equips sellers like no other to accelerate and scale their businesses,” eBay said.

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