Allbirds Makes Its Debut in Performance Apparel With a Six-Piece Sustainable Activewear Range

As speculation continues to heat up about its potential IPO, Allbirds is getting into the performance apparel business.

The sustainably-minded brand revealed its debut collection of sustainable activewear today, dubbed the Natural Run Collection, which features six products including tanks, T-shirts, shorts and more for both men and women. Also, Allbirds said the intention of the collection is to reduce the carbon impact on our planet and is labeling it with its Carbon Footprint, which the company said ranges from 4.7 kg to 14.5 kg CO2e before being 100% offset to zero.

To create the collection, Allbirds said it put the apparel through thousands of hours of testing and developed more than 70 iterations before finding how to merge natural materials and performance properly. The result, according to Allbirds, are products made from materials that are two-times more breathable and offer sweat-wicking, the ability to dry quickly and allow for stretch.

The collection includes the Natural Legging and Bike Short for women, which is made from a breathable blend of eucalyptus tree fiber and merino wool. Not only was it created to be moisture-wicking, Allbirds said the material is also odor-reducing and thermoregulating. The legging retails for $98 and the shorts come with a $68 price tag.

Allbirds Natural Legging
Allbirds Natural Legging.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Allbirds

The range also features the Natural Run Form Tank for women, which is form-fitting and breathable, and also made using the eucalyptus tree fiber and merino wool blend. Retail price is $68. A second tank for women, the Natural Run Tank ($48), is also included, using a mesh structure meant to be durable, breathable and dry quickly.

For men, Allbirds will deliver the Natural Run Tee, which will retail for $58. The T-shirt is also made with a mesh structure designed with durability, breathability and quick-drying in mind.

Lastly is the Natural Run Short, which is available for both men and women with a $68 retail price. The look is loose and lightweight, and made with stretch and temperature regulation with the entire run process in mind, from warm-up to cool-down.

The Natural Run Collection is available now via Allbirds.com, at Allbirds Stores and on the Allbirds iOS app.

Allbirds Natural Run Form Tank
Allbirds Natural Run Form Tank.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Allbirds
Allbirds Natural Run Short
The Allbirds Natural Run Short for women.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Allbirds
Allbirds Natural Run Short
The Allbirds Natural Run Short for men.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Allbirds
Allbirds Natural Run Tee
The Allbirds Natural Run Tee for men.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Allbirds

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