Stay Comfortable En Pointe With These Lamb’s Wool Products

For beginners and professional ballerinas alike, lamb’s wool will easily become your new favorite item in your dance bag. The soft material is moisture-absorbing and easy to wrap around toes to reduce friction and prevent blisters from forming. It can also help fill any gap inside pointe shoes between the toes and platform of the box while providing extra cushioning. Ahead, shop great packs of lamb’s wool for staying comfortable material during hours spent in the studio.

1. Preffered Plus Lamb's Wool Padding

Made with 100% lamb’s wool, this product can be used anywhere on the foot inside pointe shoes.

Pros: The brand provides easy directions. It’s easy to customize the wool to different lengths, too.

Cons: The 10.6-gram package is smaller than other options.

preferred, lambs wool
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Wuru Wool

The pack of material lets feet breathe to prevent sweat buildup.

Pros: It’s available in a dual-pack of 21-gram bags for long-lasting protection.

Cons: It may feel unfamiliar between the toes upon first use.

wuru wool
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. Premier Lambs Wool

Find comfort with this pack of 100% genuine lamb’s wool to fill shoes with extra padding.

Pros: This set comes with four 10.9-gram bags for bulk use.

Cons: It can slip between toes.

premier, lambs wool
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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