Best Yoga Straps

Yoga straps can help you obtain poses and safely deepen stretches to increase your flexibility and enhance your overall practice. They can be used in class or at home and are great for beginners to more advanced yogis looking to better master the craft. What’s more, they do double duty even while you’re not exercising, thus offering a convenient way to secure your rolled-up yoga mat. When shopping for this piece of equipment, it’s important to look for styles that are sturdy and made of material that feel comfortable against the skin. Read on to shop for our top picks.

1. Sankuu Yoga and Physical Therapy Strap

This yoga strap is crafted from soft nylon, measures 8 feet long by 1.57 feet wide and features 12 nonelastic loops for versatile stretching exercises.

Pros: The product is available in five different colors and comes with a portable nylon storage bag, too.

Cons: Please be mindful that this option is on the longer side.


2. The Original Stretch Out Strap by OPTP

This nylon strap is 6 feet, 4 inches long and features 10 individual loops , allowing you to deepen your stretches. The product comes with a complimentary stretch guidebook, too.

Pros: The strap’s nylon construction and long, mid-width build makes this strap easy to use for nearly any type of stretch, no matter your fitness level.

Cons: Please note that this is not an elastic stretch band and might not work well for professional dancers or more advanced yoga positions.


3. Pete's Choice Yoga Straps

These 8-foot-long yoga straps are crafted with grippy, reinforced cotton and feature an adjustable D-ring so you customize how you use them.

Pros: They come in packages of two or five straps, which are machine washable for easy maintenance. They’re designed to perform as well as similar products that require a higher upfront investment.

Cons: These straps are lightweight, but please note this design feature if you’re looking for a heavier-duty option.


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