Cute Nail Polish Strips for Your Easiest Pedicure Yet

If you can’t seem to give yourself a decent pedicure, or simply get tired of your polish smudging or chipping, you may want to consider using pedicure strips instead. These adhesive designs are easy to use, require zero drying time and come in a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. They’re trimmable to better fit your nails and are likely to last anywhere from five days to a couple weeks. And while it’s best to avoid getting them wet the first day you wear them, they should stay on in the shower, bath or pool after that. Here, we rounded up cute pedicure strips for super simple, fast and flawless results.

1. Augoog Pedicure Strips

With a total of 308 toenail stickers to apply, this set includes 14 sheets of designs to mix and match.

Pros: You get a range of stylish looks, from ombré to glittering finishes.

Cons: Some may find them to be a tad thick.

Augoog Pedicure Strips
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Viwieu Pedicure Strips

This set comes with five sheets of glitter toenail stickers, a file and two application sticks.

Pros: You can select them as a pack of six or 10 sheets with other designs.

Cons: They may fit wider nails better.

Viwieu Pedicure Strips
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. Socu Pedicure Strips

This pack can be bought with 12 or 16 sheets of stickers in various designs like colorful stripes and geometric looks.

Pros: It also comes with a nail file to help you perfect the application.

Cons: Some may find them too small.

Socu Pedicure Strips
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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