Best Nail Decals to Spice Up Your Manicures & Pedicures

DIY nail art can be hard to do, especially if you’re just learning the craft. Thankfully, nail decals offer an easy way to add flair to solid-colored nails, whether in the form of simple shapes or intricate designs. When applying the decals, you will want to have clear nail polish on hand to use as a top coat to protect your nail and seal the design. When shopping for nail decals, make sure to see whether the designs you’re looking at are made to work with gel polish or can be applied using the method above. Read on to see some of the best nail decal options we’ve found to refresh your beauty routine.

1. Macute Nail Decal Stickers

The set has a wide variety of intricate color-splashed, nature and mural designs.

Pros: They offer elevated options and work well on natural and UV nails.

Cons: You might need tweezers to apply them.


2. Nice Deco Nail Art Decal Stickers

The set has butterflies to flowers, stars, and lace print designs.

Pros: They can be used on all nail types, are easy to use, and offer a 3D aesthetic.

Cons: You might need tweezers to apply.


3. Volodia Holographic Nail Sequin Glitter

They come in shapes from hearts to stars and diamonds.

Pros: They offer an ample amount of product and allow you to personalize your designs.

Cons: You need to use them with gel or acrylic nails.


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