Best Nail Arm Rests

Whether you’re a nail technician or simply looking to amp up your DIY nail routine, finding the right tools can make the entire process easier. Nail arm rests give you better leverage when grooming and painting your nails or those of a friend or family member. In a salon, customers’ can rest their hands on them to stay comfortable, while they can also help keep the technician’s hand steady to prevent muscle cramping and allow for a cleaner polish job. Many of these hand rests come with mats to provide some protection against polish stains for easy cleanup. While most are made to be portable, these handy tools come in various sizes for both personal and salon use. Read on to see some of the best nail rest sets we’ve found to upgrade your beauty routine.

1. Anself Hand Pillow Rest and Mat Manicure Set

They are made from silicone with a lace design.

Pros: These items are hand-washable for easy cleaning and can be stored in your bag for on-the-go use.

Cons: The hand rest is on the smaller side.


2. Noverlife Hand Pillow Rest and Manicure Mat Set

Noverlife’s set comes with a mat and hand cushion featuring a cushy, quilted design.

Pros: These tools keep your hands steady to prevent a messy cleanup or manicure.

Cons: Nail polish remover can damage them.


3. I.B.N. Leather Cushioned Arm Rest

This cushioned hand rest provides wrist support and saves desk space, as you can store a UV or LED lamp underneath

Pros: You can store almost any nail dryer underneath, and its elevation helps your posture.

Cons: Self-assembly is required.


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