Gold Toe Rings to Add Shine to Your Everyday Look

While subtle, toe rings might be one of the most underrated accessories. This jewelry piece makes you feel polished and put together when you wear it with sandals or open-toed mules, making them perfect for a warm-weather vacation. When shopping for gold toe rings, make sure to seek out pieces made of real gold, so they don’t tarnish or turn your toes green. They should be suitable to wear in the shower and only need to be taken off to polish. Many toe rings can work well on your fingers, too. Read on to discover some of the best gold toe rings available now.

1. More Toe Rings Gold Toe Ring

This wide-band gold toe ring is made of 10K gold with a smooth, polished finish and rigid-edge detailing. The band is 3MM with an open back to make it adjustable in order to perfectly fit your toes.

Pros: The simple design makes this piece versatile and easy to wear every day.

Cons: Remember to check the size and dimensions if you have relatively small or big toes.


2. Ritastephens Gold Crossover Toe Ring

The toe ring is made of 10K gold with a front crossover detail and cubic zirconia embellishments, which add effortless glamour to your everyday ensemble.

Pros: The ring is slightly adjustable due to the front opening.

Cons: Make sure to handle the ring with care, especially if you’re wearing tighter shoes to ensure the stones don’t come loose.


3. California Toe Rings 14K Gold-Filled Toe Ring

This toe ring has 14K gold filling, which makes it a more accessibly priced product, and embossed detailing for added aesthetic intrigue. The band is 2MM wide and adjustable.

Pros: This toe ring offers an alternative to a pure gold ring that requires less upfront investment without sacrificing quality. Due to its 14K filling and adjustable design, this accessory should not turn your toes green, and you can customize the size for a better fit.

Cons: Remember to check the ring dimensions, especially if you have wider toes.


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