Best Airbrush Kits for Crafts & Clothing

Airbrush kits add unique touches to crafts, clothing, shoes and more. They have three main components: the feed, mix and trigger. The feed is responsible for how the paint disperses into the airbrush. You can choose gravity, siphon or side feeds. The gravity feed is best for covering smaller areas, while the latter two help to create detailed work. The mix refers to how the paint and compressed air release. Internal mix offerings allow the air and color to mix inside the airbrush to offer more control. With external mix devices, the air and paint are released through separate chambers and combine outside of the airbrush. Airbrush triggers are the components responsible for controlling how the air and paint are released. Single action trigger airbrushes are easier to use, while dual-action choices let you control the air and paint simultaneously for more precise results. Read on to see some of the best airbrush kits available.


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1. Master Airbrush Cool Runner II System

Multipurpose and easy to use, this design has three airbrush tools, six paints and a compressor.

Pros: It also comes with a color chart and color wheel for more easily mixing hues.

Cons: If you’re a beginner, look up some YouTube videos for guidance.


2. Gocheer Mini Feed Airbrush Kit

It features an airbrush, feeder, compressor, a dual-action trigger and different brush cleaning tools.

Pros: A lightweight options, it’s great for beginners or those with more advanced skills.

Cons: The set is fairly small.


3. Cosscci Portable Airbrush Kit

This set has an airbrush, compressor and two 20 ml feed cups. It comes with a USB cord for charging.

Pros: It’s versatile for nail art, makeup and cake decorating.

Cons: It’s not efficient for large surfaces.


4. VIVOHOME Professional Airbrushing System

This design has a controllable pressure knob and compressor-mounted component to hold two airbrushes.

Pros: It also comes with three interchangeable airbrush tips, a non-slip base and automatically turns off.

Cons: You might need to purchase an extra adapter to use the siphon-feed.


5. YLINGSU Cordless Airbrush Kit

This mini airbrush gun features a single-action airbrush with a mini screwdriver and portable USB charger.

Pros: It is lightweight and easy to pack.

Cons: A few coats are needed for vibrant color or to cover a large surface area.


6. Latitop Auto Mini Airbrush Kit

Another easily portable kit, this one includes a double-action airbrush, adjustable screw and charger.

Pros: It has a controllable spray volume with a long battery life that alerts you when low.

Cons: It should only be used with water-based, not oil-based formulas.


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