Acrylic Powders to Help You Achieve a Flawless DIY Acrylic Manicure

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So you’ve decided to take on an at-home acrylic manicure. While a bit more complicated than your basic DIY mani — you’ve got this, and we’re here to help guide you in getting started.

First things first, you’re going to need a few things in your arsenal, including both acrylic liquid and acrylic powder (staples in salons). Also known as liquid monomer and polymer powder, acrylic manicures require a mix of the two products to create a strong, durable finish. When blended together in a dipping jar or dappen dish, it creates a small gel-like bead that’s malleable and spreadable over the natural nail and solidifies without the use of a curing lamp.

Once the acrylic liquid and powder have been amalgamated, you’ll want to grab a sculpting brush and some nail forms, or tips, to achieve an even, flawless application. Nail forms, which act as a temporary foundation to help you “form “the nail, wrap around the fingernail so that just the tips are covered and get removed when you’ve finished sculpting. Before you remove the forms, though, you’re going to take a file to the false nail to create the shape and length you want. Acrylic nails are popular not only because they look great but they’re known to last for weeks.

Here, to help minimize your search for a good acrylic powder, we rounded up some quality options for you to choose from. Note: Acrylic powder comes in clear as well as pigmented options.

Not only did we look to trusted brands like Mia Secret, Young Nails and Modelones for our picks, but we also kept an eye out for formulas that are described as being bubble-free, non-yellowing, self-leveling and lift-resistant. We also chose options based on the brand’s claims that they provide superior adhesion, flawless consistency and long-lasting wear.

Read on to peruse each option and shop your favorite ahead.

Mia Secret Acrylic Powder Set – Fruity Collection 

If you like vibrant shades that pop, look no further than Mia Secret’s Fruity Collection, which includes 12 highly pigmented powders to use alone or together. Each jar contains .25 ounces of product. You get multiple shades of pink, yellow and green. 

Mia Secret Fruity Collection Nail Acrylic Powder, Acrylic Powders
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Modelones Acrylic Powder Kit

Love glittery tones? Modelones Acrylic Powder Kit has them. This set also features 12 powders, including neutral tones, baby pink, red wine and various glitter-infused hues. The jars are a tad bigger at .33 ounces.

Modelones Acrylic Powder Kit, Acrylic Powders
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Young Nails Acrylic Powder

Available in three formulas, Young Nails’ Acrylic Powder in ‘Speed’ sets in 60 seconds while ‘Core’ sets in 90 seconds and ‘Cover’ in 75 seconds. They’re also offered in over a dozen color options and multiple sizes including a bulk option, too, so you can stock up if you want.

Young Nails Acrylic Powders, acrylic powder
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Karlash Professional Acrylic Powder

Coming in 2 or 4-ounce jars, Karlash’s Professional Acrylic Powder should last longer than some other options. In addition to clear powder, it’s also available in other colors such as natural pink, blush and French white.

Karlash Professional Acrylic Powder, acrylic powder
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Beetles Acrylic Powder Nail Kit

Six different powders shades are included in Beetles’ Acrylic Powder Nail Kit. You can choose a pastel set, nude set, a darker set and a French set (as seen here). The jars are each 0.6 ounces.

Beetles Acrylic Powder Nail Kit, acrylic powders
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

 Saviland Clear Acrylic Powder

Saviland’s Clear Acrylic Powder is contained in a 4.23-ounce jar and while this powder is clear, it also comes in other tones and sets that offer multiple colors.

Saviland Clear Acrylic Powder, acrylic powder
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit 

On top of three dipping powders, Morovan’s Acrylic Nail Kit provides you with a monomer liquid as well, three different sized brushes, 20 nail forms, a nail file and a dappen dish for convenient application. 

Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit, acrylic powder
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Tachibelle Professional Acrylic Powder

You’re given a variety of jar sizes and colors to choose from with Tachibelle Professional Acrylic Powder. The brand offers a .05, 2 and 4-ounce jar and 11 colors, including French white, crystal clear, bubble pink, beige and more.

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