Cute Ruffled Socks for Women

Ruffled socks have been around for ages, worn with everything from poodle skirts and low-top sneakers in the ’50s to pumps and off-the-shoulder dresses in the ’80s. And today, the sock style can be worn a little less literally to add a ladylike touch to nearly any outfit. We especially love the contrast of these flirty styles paired with a chunky oxford or edgy combat boot. Ahead, shop for some of our favorite ruffled sock styles from brands such as Music Legs and Fitu.

1. Music Legs Ruffled Socks

Music Legs makes its crew socks with nylon, coming in a variety of colors ranging from plain white to neon pink.

Pros: These lace-top socks offer a vintage, '50s-inspired feel that can be paired with anything from sneakers to pumps.

Cons: These are one size fits most.

music legs ruffle socks
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2. Mcool Mary Ruffle Socks

These soft cotton socks come in a pack of five with mixed colors.

Pros: The fabric is more breathable than nylon, and the subtle ruffled cuff offers a more casual vibe, styled well with loafers and other low-cut shoes.

Cons: It's recommended to air-dry these socks.

mcool mary ruffle socks
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3. Fitu Vintage Ruffle Socks

Fitu uses rayon made from bamboo for these socks, making them more environmentally friendly, soft on the skin and moisture-wicking.

Pros: These thicker-style socks come in a pack of five to give you more for your money.

Cons: These fit small.

fitu ruffle socks
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