Best Sock Sliders for People Who Have Trouble Bending Over

If you’re having trouble bending down, whether due to a back, hip or knee replacement, being pregnant or any number of reasons, doing something as simple as putting on your socks can be a daily struggle. Fortunately, there are tools available to help you slide on your socks without having to strain your body. To make your life easier, we did the research and rounded up some of the best sock aids on the market. They’re all designed to be simple to use, and one can even help you take your socks off, in addition to putting them on.

1. RMS Deluxe Sock Aid

This device features a flexible contoured plastic shell with a slip-resistant foam pad that keeps the sock in place. It also features soft, easy-grip foam handles for comfortable handling.

Pros: The 38-inch chords can be cut to your preferred length.

Cons: Some may find it a tad tricky to get certain socks over the apparatus.

rms deluxe sock aid
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2. Vive Sock Aid

This model also has a plastic shell with a wide, slip-resistant cuff to ensure that the sock does not slip off it. Plus, it comes with foam padded handles.

Pros: The 33-inch chords are adjustable with integrated button adjustors.

Cons: Some users may find it flimsy.

Vive Sock Aid
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Allstar Innovations Sock Slider

The Sock Slider includes a cradle base with a nonslip rubber bottom and a long handle.

Pros: The handle will also help you take your socks off and help you hold your shoes in place while you put them on.

Cons: It may be hard to use with knee socks.

Allstar Innovations Sock Slider
CREDIT: Amazon

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