Best Sock Laundry Organizers to Prevent Pairs From Getting Lost

Doing laundry can be a tedious task, especially when you find yourself sorting through piles of clothes throughout the process. One common concern is losing a few socks every time you load and empty out the washing machine. Thankfully, there are various organizing solutions that can help your “lost” socks find their way back to your dresser. Two of the most convenient options are zippered net bags for throwing all your socks in the wash (which can also be used for undergarments or shoes) or socks holders for keeping each pair together. Whichever you’re in the market for, we rounded up some of the best sock laundry organizers you can buy.

1. Kimmama Laundry Wash Bag Set

Improve your laundry with these cylinder-shaped mesh bags featuring zippers and automatic locks.

Pros: These bags come in a pack with three 7 x 7-inch bags and two 7 x 15-inch bags, both of which are suitable for washing shoes. You can also easily hang them up when they’re not in use.

Cons: Some may find the zippers less strong than others.


2. Sasum Laundry Bag Set

Comes with three large bags measure 20 x 16-inch, this set utilizes thick, pliable mesh netting.

Pros: Easily foldable, these bags feature an elastic slot design to keep the zipper in place. One included bag can fit more than six tees, plenty of socks and multiple pairs of shoes.

Cons: The size variety is more limited in this set.


3. Helping Hand Sock Locks

A thinner pair of socks can fit a single lock, while a heavier pair fits through two of these locks.

Pros: Safe to use in both the washer and dryer, this two-pack provides 48 sock locks in total, coming in various colors. They can accommodate socks of all different sizes.

Cons: These bags might not fit very thick socks.


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