Best Hanging Sock Organizers

Hanging sock organizers can be great for storing socks when your drawers are overflowing. Not to mention, they help make getting dressed in the morning easier, since they allow you to see all your pairs at once thanks to PVC or mesh pockets. You’ll want to choose a style that will adequately accommodate your sock wardrobe, but even if you have extra pocket space left over, you can use it to store other items like makeup to hats and scarves. Read on to discover some of the best hanging socks organizers you can buy.

1. Nimes Hanging Closet Storage Organizer

This storage hanger features 36 clear pockets measuring 3.5-inches wide by 4.7-inches deep. The unit is crafted with durable nylon fabric and has four hooks along the top, making it easy to hang on the rod in your closet.

Pros: This option offers a lot of individual storage space and makes it easy to see everything that you own. If you don’t have enough socks to fill all of the spaces, these pockets are great for undergarments, hosiery, cold-weather accessories and jewelry, too.

Cons: These pockets might not be best for thicker socks, so save this organizer for thinner, everyday styles.


2. BB Brotrade Dual-Sided Hanger

This hanger features 25 mesh pockets in oxford cloth with 5 large and 20 small pocket compartments. The product features a hanger attached at the top and is dual-sided.

Pros: The oxford cloth and mesh design allow your garments to breathe.

Cons: This option might not work best if you have limited closet space.


3. Spikg Dual-Sided Closet Hanging Organizer

This closet hanging organizer features 21 pockets on both sides and is crafted from a breathable mesh material.

Pros: The pockets vary in size, allowing you to store a variety of items, with a steel hanger top.

Cons: Some may find the pockets bulge out too much, even when storing thinner sock styles.


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