Best Sock Hangers to Air-Dry Your Pairs

If you’ve ever tried to air-dry your socks, you know the struggle that comes with it; socks constantly falling off shower rods and drying racks. But now, that dilemma comes to an end. Whether you live in an apartment building with no dryer or simply want to air-dry more delicate pairs, we present you with sock hangers. These handy devices feature mini clips to hold your socks tight until they’re fully dry and ready to be worn again. Made from durable plastics or stainless steel, these styles from brands like Fashion Easy and Whitmor are great options to add to your laundry routine. Use them at home or easily pack them away for camping trips and other overnight adventures for a quick fix.

1. Whitmor Clip & Drip Add-On Hangers

Dry socks and intimates with ease on Whitmor’s hangers.

Pros: Coming in a set of three, these hangers feature a unique clawlike addition to their hooks to keep them from slipping off any rod or line. The small clips hold lighter items tight as well with their durable grippy design.

Cons: Because of the added grasp feature, the hook may not fit around wider poles or rods.

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2. Fashion Easy Stainless Steel Laundry Hangers

Fashion Easy’s three-pack of hangers features a curved design to take up less space when hung up and 10 clips per hanger.

Pros: The stainless steel construction provides a sturdier base for hanging your clothes; the hangers are also super lightweight, so they won’t weigh your bag down if you decide to pack them for travel.

Cons: Because it’s rounded, it’s recommended to start loading this from the middle out to maintain proper weight distribution.

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3. Annaklin Foldable Clip Hangers

With its foldable design, Annaklin’s hanger can be stored away with ease until your next laundry day.

Pros: Featuring a square design with a swiveling hook and 26 clips, this hanger lets you dry all of your socks at once.

Cons: The clips may be closer together than on other designs, affecting the speed of the dry.

annaklin, hangers
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