Fun Ruffled Knee-High Socks for Women

We all have that one pair of boots we can’t live without. You wear them with everything from leggings to jeans to shorts, but sometimes they could use some sprucing up. The next time you go to pull those boots out of your closet, consider styling them with a pair of ruffled knee-high socks. These pairs from Modern Boho, DeSen and more feature frilled tops that peek out over the cuff of your shoes for a sweet touch. Shop styles in all different colors and mixes of cozy fabrics for a fun accent to your look.

1. Modern Boho Button Boot Socks

Modern Boho's cotton knee-high socks featuring a perforated design, ruffled top and two added buttons. They can be purchased in a full sock style or short calf sleeve for the same effect of peeking out of boots, but with more or less coverage.

Pros: The knit-style fabric is soft on the skin, while the perforations help keep the feet and legs cool in tall boots. Available in over a dozen colors, there is a shade to match every outfit.

Cons: These fit narrow on the calf.

modern boho ruffle socks
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2. DeSen Lace Boot Socks

These cotton socks from DeSen include added spandex for stretch.

Pros: The design of these knit socks includes two buttons and a lace ruffled top. They can be worn knee-high or slouched down for a leg warmer-style look.

Cons: Due to their open-knit design, these socks don't trap heat as well as full fabric socks.

desen ruffle socks
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3. HDE Knee High Socks

HDE makes its knee-high socks with 70% cotton and 30% spandex, making them the most flexible style on our list.

Pros: These socks feature a full, thick upper fabric to keep the leg warm and protected in any season and under any shoes.

Cons: The lace top isn't as elasticated as the upper fabric.

hde knee high socks
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