Best Rain Boot Socks to Keep Your Feet Warm

Throwing on your rain boots has never been so cozy or stylish thanks to the development of rain boot socks. These specially designed socks feature a cuff that folds perfectly over the top of rain boots, whether they’re short or tall. They’re typically made with fleece, cotton or wool blends to keep legs warm and are also great for helping make a boot fit more snugly if it’s slightly too big. Made by comfort-focused brands like Ugg and Hunter, out favorite rain boot socks featured here are a perfect addition to any wet-weather ensemble.


1. Ugg Shaye Tall Rainboot Socks

Made from a blend of wool, acrylic, nylon and spandex, Ugg’s rain boot socks are both soft and stretchable to fit your foot.

Pros: These socks feature a knit design for a classically cozy look and feel. The folded over top includes a twill tape logo and fits perfectly over the hem of tall boots.

Cons: Because they are woven, holes or gaps may develop easier than in a fleece pair.

ugg rain boot socks
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2. Hunter 6 Stitch Cable Boot Socks

Rain boot aficionados Hunter made these socks to match their classic footwear styles.

Pros: Fitting perfectly over your shorter boots, these socks mix fleece and a non-itch knit top.

Cons: These may be too tall for kids’ rain boots.

hunter rain boot socks
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3. Anzermix Fleece Rain Boot Socks

Anzermix combines a smooth fleece and a cable-knit top for its tall rain boot socks.

Pros: The fleece-lined construction of these socks keeps the legs and feet warm under boots. 

Cons: These may be too short to fit over certain boots.

anzermix rain boot socks
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