Best Half-Toe Socks to Keep You Stable in Class

Half-toe socks, or toeless socks, are open at the toes so you can better grip the floor during your yoga, Pilates or dance class, especially if your feet tend to get sweaty. They also allow for more natural movement if you’re into a freer flow.  Like other yoga socks, these silhouettes feature rubber or silicone pads underfoot and typically come with elastic straps to prevent them from slipping down your feet. Some even come with banded arch support. Ahead, shop a range of great half-toe socks meant to improve your stability, from brands like ToeSox, Hylaea and more.

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1. ToeSox Grip Socks

ToeSox' cotton socks rest just above the ankle with silicone grips on the bottom.

Pros: These socks have an added support band that gently lifts and supports your foot. The toeless design allows toes to spread and breathe more easily; it also anchors the sock to your feet, preventing bunching and twisting.

Cons: The toe holes may be too small for larger feet.

toesox toeless socks

2. Hylaea Yoga Socks

With diamond-shaped grips on the sole, Hylaea's half-toe socks are made with a mix of cotton and stretchy spandex.

Pros: This ballet-shoe inspired design includes crisscross elastic straps with a low-cut vamp to keep feet cool and prevent the socks for slipping off your feet.

Cons: The straps may fit tighter on wider feet.

hylaea yoga socks

3. YogaAddict Half-Toe Socks

YogaAddicts uses cotton to make these half-toe yoga socks in a pack of three.

Pros: The grip of these socks are designed in line with the natural contours of your feet for easy movement.

Cons: These may slip down the feet when sweaty.

yoga addicts socks

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