Cool Fake Tattoos for Your Feet

If you like the look of tattoos but aren’t into the pain and permanency of real ones, consider trying temporary tattoos you can easily change up when you get bored with a particular design. With this in mind, we rounded up some cool semi-permanent tattoos great for placing on feet and ankles. They come in all sorts of attractive styles, and many are made to stay on skin even while you bathe and swim. In fact, they should only come off if you scrub the area with an oil-based liquid.

1. Everjoy Temporary Tattoos

It comes with 60 temporary tattoos in total, featuring inspirational sayings, hearts, flowers, symbols and more.

Pros: They're designed to stay on for up to a week or two.

Cons: They might fade more quickly on places like your hands.

Everjoy Realistic Tiny Temporary Tattoos
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Awlee Temporary Tattoos

This set comes with 30 sheets of unique tattoo designs that may last anywhere from three days up to a week.

Pros: In addition to vibrant colors, they also come in black and white.

Cons: Some may feel they're a bit flimsy.

Awlee Temporary Tattoos
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. Kotbs Temporary Tattoos

This option comes with six sheets of bright tattoos, including flower print designs from peonies to roses.

Pros: They should last about a week on skin.

Cons: They might require a lot of scrubbing to come off.

Kotbs Temporary Tattoos
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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