3 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas for College Dorm Rooms

If you have more than a few pairs of shoes, storing all of them in a small space like a dorm room (which you likely share with someone else) can prove to be a struggle. Fortunately, there are various solutions to this problem, from hanging shoe shelves and over-the-door organizers to underbed compartments. Here, we listed a few ingenious storage options on the market for you to consider. Read up on each style’s specs and choose the best one for your space and lifestyle.

1. Simple Houseware Over The Door Shoe Organizer

This organizer hangs right over a door and provides 24 clear plastic pockets for holding 12 pairs total.

Pros: You may be able to fit a pair of smaller flats or sandals in a single pouch.

Cons: It may not be suitable for some bigger sizes.

Simple Houseware Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves

This shelf hangs from a closet rod and features compartments for eight pairs.

Pros: It’s made from a breathable, lightweight fabric and can accommodate ankle boots.

Cons: This one also may not be the best for larger shoes.

Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. Onlyeasy Under Bed Shoe Storage

This option comes with two bags measuring 29.3 x 23.6 x 5.9 inches. Each has 12 cells.

Pros: It folds up easily when not in use and is available in black or gray.

Cons: Some may prefer slightly longer slots.

Onlyeasy Under Bed Shoe Storage
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon


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