Best Sole Protectors for Heels

It’s inevitable that your favorite pair of heels will start to show signs of wear over time, especially on the soles. To prevent this from the onset, you’ll want to invest in sole protectors. These clear adhesive shields are applied to the bottom of heels to extend their life. They’re also equipped with traction, meaning they not only protect your soles but add extra grip to styles like Louboutin pumps that are traditionally smooth-soled. The best kinds should be thick and sturdy to last you a while. With this in mind, we compiled some of the best sole protectors on the market right now. Read on to shop them all.



1. XTA Sole Sticker Shoe Protector

These sole protectors include peel-off application and clear, treaded bottoms.

Pros: They can be cut to any size and are designed to prevent leaving any residue for sleek, seamless removal.

Cons: These might not be the most ideal for particularly slippery or smooth floors.


2. Space Lion Self-Adhesive Sole Protector Pads

These sole protectors feature a tacky side to securely stick to your shoe and a gripped outer sole to keep your feet from sliding on the ground.

Pros: The peel-off design allows these accessories to last without losing their stickiness, so they can be replaced over time.

Cons:  They might need to be replaced frequently with heavy wear.


3. Pure Goods Sole Protectors

These shoe protectors can be cut to fit your needs. They feature a peel-and-stick design and are clear, making them a great option to preserve the aesthetics of your shoe.

Pros: They come as a pack of six.

Cons: You need to have scissors on hand to properly use this product.


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