The Best Products For Stretching Shoes

There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing shoes only to realize they’re just a little too tight. You could spend days and weeks trying to wear them in, or try a handy shoe stretching product for a quick and easy solution. These come in a range of styles, from plastic or wooden devices that can expand both the length and width of all types of shoes to leather stretcher sprays than can soften a stiff hide. Ahead, we compiled some of the best options you can buy in every category for a ultra-comfortable, lived-in feel.

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1. StyledRight 2-Way Shoe Stretcher

Stretch both the length and width of shoes with this two-way stretcher, made with a durable plastic for longevity,

Pros: Each set comes equipped with two shoe stretchers, five accessories per shoe stretcher and a storage bag. The accessories allow you to adjust and add special spots for bunions, high arches or unique foot shapes to stretch to your individual form. They can fit up to a men’s size 14 shoe.

Cons: It isn’t effective on heels over 2.5-inches tall.

styledright, shoe stretcher
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. FootMatters Shoe Stretch Spray

Used to condition and soften any form of leather, this spray is made to go on clear, causing no discoloration.

Pros: You can use this spray to help loosen the tightness of your leather boots, suede sandals, man-made leather pumps and more. It’s easy to use thanks and is also small enough to fit inside any bag during travel (although it’s not TSA-friendly).

Cons: For full effectiveness, you should walk around in the shoes after spraying.

footmatters, stretch spray
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. XYH Shoe Stretcher

This option combines plastic material with a premium steel shaft for extra sturdiness.

Pros: The style opens and expands to help widen shoes with an adjustable, turning handle function for easy changes. The package includes two shoe stretchers, eight bunion plugs, two heightening pads, one drawstring carrying bag and an instruction manual. It works for men and women’s shoes.

Cons: The brand recommends leaving the stretcher in your shoe for 6 to 12 hours for the best results.

xyh, shoe stretcher
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon
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