Best Shoe Shelves to Help You Stay Organized

Even if you’re a footwear lover and you have a small space, there’s no reason to feel as if you live in a cluttered shoebox. A proper storage solution allows you to see your entire collection, making the process of getting dressed less stressful and time-consuming. When shopping for a new shoe shelf, you want to ensure that it’s sturdy and can withstand the weight of various types of shoes from boots to sneakers and pumps. Depending on your unique space, your ideal storage option will vary. Fortunately, a range of brands offer styles to fit nearly any space, from closets to entryways. Ahead, discover some of the best shoe-shelving options for your home.

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1. Songmics 10-Tier Shoe Rack

The spacious rack allows you to store 50 pairs of shoes in one space or create various smaller racks, with three or five tiers. The tiers are made with waterproof nonwoven fabric, while the rest of the unit connects via iron pipes and quality PP connectors for a reliably sturdy option.

Pros: It should be fairly easy to assemble.

Cons: The shelving is not designed for very high heels, so make sure to store the pairs that are 4 inches or more on the top shelf.


2. Whitmor 10-Tier Rolling Shoe Rack

This shoe storage unit is equipped with 10 shelves to store up to 50 pairs of shoes. The bottom shelf has detachable, locked wheels, providing you the option to assemble a rolling or stationary shoe rack.

Pros: This heavy-duty, chrome-finished product is simple to assemble, as you should only need a screwdriver to put all of the pieces together.

Cons: For those with bigger feet, each shelf might only hold four pairs of shoes or 40 pairs overall.


3. Simple Houseware 3-Tier Stackable Shoe Shelf

The product has three metal shelves, which are designed to hold up to nine pairs of shoes. The design of this shoe rack is intended to be minimal and compact, with an option to stack multiples units to create expanded storage for your footwear.

Pros: The shelves should be easy to assemble and stack together.

Cons: You might not be able to store very high heels on many of the shelves, so make sure to dedicate some space on the top rack for any pairs of stilettos.


4. Seville Classics 3-Tier Shoe Rack

This set from Seville Classics comes with two stackable three-tier racks for a total of six tiers.

Pros: Featuring an iron frame with mesh shelves, each of these racks can hold 12 pairs of shoes; the interlocking expandable racks allow you to expand the width or height of the shelves to fit different spaces.

Cons: The pieces may get scratched or chip when moving around in transit.

seville classics shoe rack
CREDIT: Amazon

5. ClosetMaid Stackable Horizontal Organizer

ClosetMaid’s organizer measures 2 feet long and features a streamlined, wooden silhouette.

Pros: These stackable shelves hold four-plus pairs to accommodate smaller shoe collections.

Cons: This rack cannot hold as many pairs as its competitors.

closet made shoe rack
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6. Homebi 4-Tier Shoe Rack

Four tiers make up this shelved rack that is easy to assemble and rust-resistant.

Pros: Made from powder-coated metal, Homebi’s shoe rack holds up to 20 shoes. The rods are thicker than the leading competitor, making this rack an overall stronger product to hold even your heaviest of boots.

Cons: As the racks are made from spaced out metal rods, heels and split-sole styles may not sit as well as on a full shelf.

homebi shoe rack
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7. Simple Trending 4-Tier Shoe Rack

Able to hold 12 to 15 pairs of shoes, Simple Trending’s rack is stackable and expandable.

Pros: Unlike other metal racks, this metal one places the rods closer together to still be able to hold thinner heels and split sole shoes. The adjustable setting allows you to change the distances between shelves to create space for tall styles like high-top sneakers and mid-calf boots.

Cons: When stacking, the pieces don’t snap together and instead just sit on top of each other, which may not be as sturdy of a construction as other designs.

simple shoe rack
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