Best Shoe Fillers for Pairs That Are Too Big

When buying shoes online — especially from a brand you’ve never tried — it’s easy to find yourself with a style you love but that doesn’t fit quite right. For shoes that are slightly too big, try shoe fillers. These handy inserts fill in small gaps in shoes, so you don’t have to deal with a return or resign to never wearing the pair again if it’s non-returnable. Depending on the types of inserts you choose, these products can also help prevent blisters and provide additional foot support. The main options are heel liners, toe liners and full-foot insoles with a built-in heel liner. To see which product is right for you, discover the best shoe fillers we’ve found for getting the perfect fit.

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1. Comfowner Cushioned Heel Inserts

These butterfly-shaped heel liners come in packs of six, with three black and three beige liners. They feature a self-adhesive backing to easily stick to the inside of shoes with a padded fabric construction.

Pros: Their unique shape helps them better mold to the heel of the shoe, while grip dots offer extra security to ensure they stay put. The perforated fabric is breathable to minimize sweat and rubbing that can cause blisters.

Cons: They likely only work with shoes that are up to a half-size too big.


2. Yhslmh Cushioned Toe & Heel Inserts

Each order contains six toe fillers and six heel pads. The toe fillers are made from a shock-absorbing EVA foam to minimize foot fatigue while the heel inserts are also highly cushioned and include self-adhesive pads.

Pros: You can make the shoe dramatically smaller when using both of these products or make minor adjustments using just one. The heel liners are also butter-fly shaped for a more ergonomic fit inside shoes.

Cons: Take time the time insert them properly so they stay in place.


3. Fumarst Shoe & Heel Insoles

Available in three sizes to fit a women’s size 4.5 to 11.5, these inserts feature a footbed liner and built-in heel protector ⁠— both of which are amply padded with soft sponge for ultimate comfort.

Pros: The plush padding takes up even more inside shoes if they’re extra big, while offering support for your arches and balls of the foot. Meanwhile, the fabric cover should feel soft against skin.

Cons: You might have to cut it to get it to fit correctly in your shoes.


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