These Eyelet Kits Will Make Repairing Your Shoes A Breeze

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, eyelets are simply the holes punched in the upper of shoes that allows laces to be threaded through. And although tiny, they’re are an important part of footwear; they’re typically reinforced with a metal or plastic grommet to prevent fraying and help keep your shoe securely on your feet. Since these grommets can come loose and fall out over time, you may want to invest in a handy kit with replacement grommets. Here, we rounded up some of the best eyelet shoe kits on the market, offering grommets in a range of colors to suit various shoe styles. Most of the options we included also come with necessary tools for quick and easy repairs.

1. Yoker Kit

This kit comes with a total of 400 metal grommets measuring 3/16 inches wide. They come in four colors: gold, gunmetal, silver and bronze.

Pros: It includes a base, a punch and an installation tool. It comes in a clear storage box. You can also buy a 400 pack of 1/4 inch-wide grommets or a set of 500 grommets sized 3/16 inches that come in ten colors.

ConsSome users may find them to be a little flimsy.

yoker Metal Grommet Kit
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2. Bememo Set

This set includes 300 metal grommets in ten different colors to choose from. You get 30 blue, red, yellow, orange, black, white, pink, green, gray and silver eyelets.

Pros: It also comes in a transparent storage box and features a base, a punch and tool for installation. They grommets come in two sizes: 1/4 and 3/16 inches.

Cons: The paint may scratch off if you’re not careful.

Bememo grommet kit
CREDIT: Amazon

3. RamPro Pack

This pack is equipped with 100 metal eyelets featuring a 3/16 inch diameter hole.

Pros: It comes with four colors: black, bronze, brass and silver.

Cons: It doesn’t include a tool to install them.

RamPro metal eyelets
CREDIT: Amazon

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