Best Rolling Shoe Racks to Organize Your Home

Finding a place to store all your shoes can help open up your space, especially if it’s on the smaller side. In this case, try a vertical unit. Rolling styles are worth considering because they allow you to easily reposition your unit and can easily be moved between rooms (a bonus if you have kids who constantly leave their shoes lying around). To save you time and energy, here are the best rolling shoe racks to buy.

1. Whitmor Rolling Shoe Rack Tower

Complete with removable rolling wheels, this metal 10-tier rack can hold up to 50 pairs of shoes. It measures 14.6 by 36.5 by 59.5 inches.

Pros: The wheels lock in place, so you can secure or move the item around your home when needed. It’s done in a sleek chrome finish, while the open design allows you to see all of your stored pairs.

Cons: Note it may fit fewer than 50 pairs of large men’s shoes.


2. Smart Design Rolling Shoe Tower Rack

This option comes with eight shelves that can hold up to 48 pairs, but can be converted into two four-tier racks. It measures 44 by 14.75 x 50.75 inches.

Pros: This style is wider than the first option on our list, making it ideal if you have more floor space to work with. The coated bars are non-slip and the shelves are removable so you can accommodate tall boots. The depth of each shelf is also adjustable.

Cons: This product may take some time to assemble.


3. The Lakestone Company Rolling Shoe Storage

This style includes 12 fabric cubbies, each measuring 6 by 4.5 inches, and outside pocket for storing up to 18 shoes.

Pros: It’s a compact way to store pairs in your entryway or bedroom and is also great for holding other items like children’s toys or extra bath supplies. The two rear wheels lock in place for stability when you need it.

Cons: You can’t fit as many pairs of shoes as other options on the market.


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