Best Replacement Spike Kits for Golf Shoes

Golf traction kits are a must-have for any avid golfer. They set you up with replacement tips for your cleats as the spikes wear down or get damaged. These kits include two sets of spikes — one for each shoe — that can easily twist right into the soles after removing the older tips. Some of the best kits we’ve found even provide you with a handy wrench for taking out and replacing the spikes. Discover them all ahead.

1. Softspikes Ultimate Cleat Kit

Specializing in quality golf products, Softspikes offers this all-inclusive kit with everything you need to replace spikes.

Pros: It comes with 18 pieces of cleats replacements and the brand’s signature Ripper Wrench, featuring a large handle that’s easy to grip while rotating the tips of cleats.

Cons: This kit comes with fewer tips than other products.

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2. Longkun Golf Spikes Replacement Kit

Alongside a handy mini wrench, this set includes 28 black and yellow spikes to add a pop of color under your soles while on the green.

Pros: The installation and removal of these spikes is simple: rotate left to remove and right to install and keep turning until the unit feels tight.

Cons: It may be harder to turn the spike as it gets closer to being in fully.

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3. Aidas ThinTech Replacement Spike Cleats

Known for its top-of-the-line athletic gear, Adidas supplies you with a 20-piece set of replacement spikes for golf cleats.

Pros: These cleats include an ultra-thin attachment system that allows you to find grip while still feeling close to the ground, which can help you maintain a more consistent swing.

Cons: This set doesn’t come with a tool to help with the removal and replacement process.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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