Best Mop Slippers That Clean With Every Step

Cleaning your floors has never been so fun (or easy) thanks to mop slippers. Made with soft chenille and microfiber soles, they come in a variety of designs like open-toe sandals or slip-on covers that fit over any regular shoe. For your shopping convenience, we found the best mop slippers on the market. These pairs remove dirt and debris from hardwood, tile and more surfaces. Plus, they’re simple to clean after each use by throwing them in the washing machine.

1. Slipper Genie Microfiber Slippers

It provides a twist on a classic open-toe silhouette with microfiber towel-like uppers that absorb moisture.

Pros: The chenille soles are detachable via a hook and loop strap for easier cleaning.

Cons: These may run on the smaller side.

slipper genie, mop slippers
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon


2. Selric Mop Slippers

Microfiber chenille on these cute, animal-like slippers helps you dust or deep clean floors.

Pros: They come in sizes for adults and children, too, so you can get your kids in on the action.

Cons: These may fit wide.

selric, mop slippers
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. Bontip Mop Slippers

Available as a pack of four pairs, this stretchy style should slip over footwear with ease.

Pros: The fabric is absorbent and durable, and the entire shoe cover is machine washable.

Cons: These may not fit over all larger shoe sizes.

bontip, mop slippers
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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