Best Mesh Shoe Bags for Storage

If your closet is overflowing with shoes, it may be time to invest in a storage solution. One way to organize your footwear is by using mesh bags. They’re not only more compact than shoe boxes but also allow for optimal airflow so your pairs don’t get too smelly. Plus, they’re machine washable and come in handy while packing, offering an easy way to separate delicates and other small essentials in your suitcase. Ahead, we rounded up some of the best mesh shoe storage bags on the market.

1. Vandoona Shoe Bag Set

With this set, you get six 12 x 14 inch fine mesh shoe bags with bright orange drawstring closures that can fit most men and women’s shoe sizes comfortably.

Pros: You also get two smaller bags with blue drawstrings for accessories like shoe polish, laces and more. They also come in an extra-large 12-by-17-inch option.

Cons: Some may find the smaller bags unnecessary.

Vandoona Shoe Bag Set
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2. Vivifying Shoe Bag Set

This set comes with three double-layer fine mesh bags measuring 15.7 by 9.4 by 9.4 inches.

Pros: These bags are machine washable and feature an elastic band to keep the zipper in place when in the washing machine.

Cons: They may be a bit too small for shoe sizes 12 and above.

Vivifying Shoe Bags
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3. Kimmama Shoe Bag Set

This option includes one large 16-by-20-inch bag and one medium 12-by-16-inch bag. Both are made with fine mesh.

Pros: You can also choose a pack of four. They feature rust-free zippers with a protective flap to prevent the bags from coming open in the washer or dryer.

Cons: Some may find them a tad too big for their needs.

Kimmama Shoe Bag Set
CREDIT: Amazon

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