Best Insoles for Square Toe Boots & Shoes

Instead of trying to shove a round-toe footbed into a square-toed shoe, you may want to invest in insoles specifically engineered to fit square toe footwear styles. A removable footbed should instantly enhance the way a shoe feels on the wearer’s feet. Ideally, you should forget you’re using an insert. With plenty of options on the market, we did some research and rounded up a few of the best styles for both men and women. Our careful curation includes styles from well-known boot brands like Ariat and Durango.

1. Ariat ATS Wide Square Toe Insoles

This style is equipped with Ariat’s torsional stability technology to reduce side to side movement and offer superior support.

Pros: A moisture-wicking sock liner helps keep feet dry, while a gel-cushioned forefoot pad helps protect small bones and nerves. The gel cushioned heel pad also provides shock absorption. These come in eight sizes.

Cons: Some may find them to be a tad thin.

Ariat Men's ATS Wide Square Toe Insoles
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2. Comfysole Square Toe Insoles

This pair is made of polyurethane and topped with a soft, breathable fabric.

Pros: These are easily trimmable to fit your exact foot shape and size. They’re offered in medium and large, spanning a range of sizes.

Cons: Some may find these to be a little thick.

Comfysole Square Toe Insoles
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3. Durango Men's Square Toe Xtreme Comfort Footbed

These trimmable insoles are equipped with a layer of memory foam cushioning for ultimate comfort and an antimicrobial mesh covering that prevents the formation of odor-causing bacteria.

Pros: A polyurethane bottom with airflow channels provides optimal circulation to keep feet cool. They come in four sizes.

Cons: They may not fit some bigger shoe sizes.

Durango Men's Square Toe Xtreme Comfort Footbed
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