Best Cotton Shoelaces

When shopping for cotton shoelaces to replace your worn-out pairs, make sure to choose ones that are the correct length for your shoe size and style. For example, shorter laces work well with low-top sneakers, while longer options are ideal if you’re lacing up combat boots. You may also want to choose flat designs, as they tend to be easier to tie than round-shaped styles and aren’t so prone to coming untied. However, for dress shoes, thin, round shoelaces are a must. They offer a polished look to suit your most expensive pairs, especially if they’re oiled or waxed. Read on to discover some of the best cotton shoelaces we’ve found.

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1. Aomidi Flat Shoelaces

They are made from high-quality cotton and measure just over 3 millimeters wide.

Pros: Each order comes with two pairs, and they work well with shoes featuring three to eight eyelets.

Cons: You can't mix and match two different options.


2. Kaps Flat Cotton Laces

These laces are crafted in Europe with 100% cotton and all are 8 to 9 millimeters wide.

Pros: They come in many light and dark neutral-colored options, as well as navy and dark red.

Cons: These require a higher upfront investment than most.


3. Birch's Premium Waxed Cotton Shoelaces

Made from 100% cotton with clear aglets, these shiny laces are 2.5-millimeters long.

Pros: They're great for shoes with smaller eyelets and and are water-resistant.

Cons: Some users might find these too narrow.



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