These Boot Stretchers Will Make Your Feet Happy

Using a boot stretcher is a great way to widen a snug new style and reduce that uncomfortable break-in period. A good one should be engineered to last, easy to use and stretch out most men and women’s boot sizes. To help you find the best options on the market, we did some research and curated a list featuring a few of our favorites.

We included one pick with a wooden toe box and two others rendered from strong plastic. Each comes with special pods that are meant to stretch out smaller areas of the boot to relieve bunion or corn pain.

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1. FootFitter Premium Professional Boot Stretcher

This boot stretcher features a toe block made of polished German beech wood, an extra-long stainless steel shaft and a sturdy widening handle that you twist to open and close the toe block.

Pros: It comes with metal spot-stretching plugs in three different sizes for corns and bunions. It’s offered in six sizes, including men’s size 14-16.

Cons: Some may find it a little bulky for narrow shoes.

FootFitter Premium Professional Boot Stretcher
CREDIT: Amazon

2. Miserwe Boot Stretcher

This stretcher has a hot pink plastic toe box and a steel shaft with a heart-shaped handle. It’s designed to fit women’s sizes 4.5-9.5 and men’s size 6-8.

Pros: It comes in a set with two. This one also includes eight bunion plugs and two pad plugs that allow you to stretch smaller areas where you might have blisters, corns or bunions. You also get a drawstring bag for easy portability and a stand to hold it.

Cons: Some users may find it a tad tricky to insert the toe box into the boot.

Miserwe Boot Stretcher
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Marz Boot Stretchers

This stretcher has a yellow toe box made of sturdy PU plastic and a solid steel shaft.

Pros: It comes with eight relief pods to relieve pain caused by corns or bunions.

Cons: Some may prefer it widened more.

Marz Boot Stretcher
CREDIT: Amazon

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