Best Bedazzler Kits for Customizing Your Shoes

Bedazzler kits allow you to dress up and personalize your shoes for special occasions like weddings and graduations or simply everyday wear. You can also coordinate the blingy styles with fun accessories in your outfit. In addition to including various gemstones and beads, the kits often come with application tools to make the process a breeze. For your shopping convenience, we’ve curated some of the best bedazzler kits you can buy. They’re also so expansive, they make it easy to host a decorating party with family or friends.

1. WorthofBest Rhinestone & Applicator Set

It has 4,360 rhinestone pieces, a heat pen, applicator tips, tweezers, wire brush, metal stand and a carrying bag.

Pros: There are instructions and an organizing tray provided.

Cons: Note that most of the jewels are on the small side.


2. TecUnite Crystal Rhinestone Gems Set

Featuring 2,000 pieces, the set offers multi-colored rhinestones in six shapes with tweezers and a pick-up pen.

Pros: It also comes with a tray.

Cons: You need to purchase glue separately.


3. Aafke Rhinestone Gems DIY Kit

This set of iridescent rhinestones contains 5,100 rhinestone gems with a pair of tweezers, picker dot pen, clay and a tray.

Pros: There are six sizes available.

Cons: You might want to use your own glue instead of relying on their sticky backings.


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