Elevate Your Footwork With These Agility Rings

Agility rings are great for helping to improve your footwork skills and dexterity on the field or court. They’re incredibly easy to use; you simply place them on the ground in the pattern you want and then run or hop from ring to ring as you would with a speed ladder. Here, in an effort to help you find the best speed rings on the market, we did a little research and rounded up some great options for athletes looking to elevate their fitness routine. Each of our picks includes rings made of heavy-duty plastic that should last.

1. Champion Sports Speed Ring Set

With this set, you get 12 flat plastic rings that measure 18 inches each: four blue, four red and four yellow.

Pros: This set comes with a free drawstring storage bag for easy transport.

Cons: Some users may find the rings to be a bit flimsy.

Champion Sports Speed Ring Set
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2. Trademark Innovations Training Rings

This option also gives you 12 red, blue and yellow rings rendered from sturdy yet flexible plastic. These measure 16 inches in diameter.

Pros: This also includes a convenient carrying case.

Cons: They may be slightly small for some.

Trademark Innovations Speed & Agility Training Rings
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3. Yes4All Speed & Agility Rings

Unlike the previous sets, these 19-inch plastic rings feature a hexagonal shape. They also come with connector clips to help you configure them into various training patterns for different speed drills.

Pros: You get to choose from a set of six or 12. They're offered in green and orange. This pick also comes with a bag for easy on-the-go use.

Cons: Some users may find they slip occasionally.

speed rings
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