Best Adjustable Roller Blades for Kids

Rollerblading is a great way for kids to stay active while learning a new skill. A solid pair of rollerblades, also commonly referred to as inline skates, is key, though.

Unlike quad roller skates, which have two axels per skate, like a car, rollerblades feature a single axle that runs down the length of the boot. The best styles are adjustable to fit growing feet with the press of a button and provide comfortable support so youngsters can feel in control and focus on what’s most important — the road ahead.

Before You Buy

It’s also important to note that when it comes to the ABEC bearing rating system, the higher the number, the longer it takes your wheel to stop spinning with each push-off. So if you’re little one is just starting out, it’s best to opt for a lower-grade style (the system includes grades 1,3,5,7, and 9).

Kid’s with little experience should also have rollerblades with softer wheels, as they equal better grip and shock absorption. Wheel hardness is indicated using an A number system; the higher the A number, the harder the wheels are.

Another thing to consider before buying a pair of rollerblades for your kiddo is the closure type. Rollerblades typically feature either a standard buckle-strap and lace closure system or a speed lace system that involves a pull tab, which allows the wearer to simply grab the lace and pull to achieve a snug, secure fit that’s comfortable. Meanwhile, Boa lace systems include a dial on the front of the skate that you turn until you get an ideal fit. Both styles offer quick and easy adjustability.

With this in mind, we rounded up some of the best roller blades on the market for kids. Each adjustable style can expand multiple sizes and is complete with secure closures and soft padding to keep feet secure.

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