Best Adhesive Foot Pads for Clean, Protective Wear

Between all the bacteria and potentially sharp objects you’d find on outside surfaces, going barefoot in public is typically a bad idea. But what if we told you there was a way to skip shoes altogether while still keeping your feet reasonably protected? Enter: Adhesive foot pads. These stick to the bottom of your feet to guard them from the elements. Some are even waterproof and temperature-resistant. In addition to working on the streets, these foot pads can work for a range of activities like yoga, swimming and taking long walks on the beach. They even come in options specifically designed to reduce mess during an at-home spa or pedicure session. Read on to discover some of the best foot pads we’ve found to suit a range of needs.

1. Fairdreamy Beach Adhesive Foot Pads

This pack of five silicone foot pads is temperature-resistant with cotton midsoles and a hypoallergenic surface.

Pros: They keep your feet sanitary and can prevent cuts.

Cons: Water makes them less sticky.


2. Four Plus One Beach Pads

With anti-skid soles, this 3-pack of foot pads is made with silicone and designed to be waterproof.

Pros: They are breathable and lightweight for clean feet.

Cons: The pads do not offer ample foot support.


3. Pink Sticky Foot Pads

Sold in packs of 25, these single-use should work well for easy post-tanning and pedicure cleanups.

Pros: They help prevent undesired tan lines.

Cons: No size variety is offered.




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