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If you’re looking to join an adult kickball league, it’s a good idea to get your own ball to practice with. An official kickball should be the right size, which is 10 inches in diameter and inflated to 1.5 psi. It should also have a thick, durable rubber exterior that won’t puncture easily and a stripped finish to promote optimal grip. On the other hand, if you’re just shopping for a youngster, you’ll want the ball to be a bit smaller. Ahead, we rounded up some of the best styles, complete with the aforementioned features, for both adults and kids. No matter which style you choose, keep in mind the PSI, or Pounds per Square Inch, which tells you what pressure works best with your ball.


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1. GoSports Official Kickball

These balls are both an official 10 inches in diameter, the correct size for older kids and adults. They inflate to 1.5 psi.

Pros: This option includes a hand pump for hassle-free inflation.

Cons: Some may find they start to deflate after a bit.

GoSports Official Kickball
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2. ToysOpoly Kickballs

This expansive set comes with six different-colored balls that each measure 8.5 inches, making them an ideal size for kids.

Pros: It comes with a free mesh bag and a ball pump for easy inflation.

Cons: They may have creases when you first put air in them.

ToysOpoly kickballs
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3. Waka Official Kickball

This ball is the recommended 10 inch-size for adults and provides good bounce across multiple surfaces like dirt, grass or concrete. It has a psi of 1.5.

Pros: It can be used indoors and outdoors.

Cons: This one doesn’t come with a pump to inflate it.

Waka Official Kickball
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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