Best Ab Rollers for a Toned Tummy

Looking to work a variety of muscle groups? Invest in an ab roller. Featuring two handles and a connecting wheel, this simple yet challenging gym accessory is effective at strengthening muscles in the back, arms chest and core. Getting the hang of using one may be a bit tricky at first, but essentially, you just want to get into a plank position, grab hold of the tool with both hands and perform an ab rollout. The instability from the roller requires your core and other muscles, from your shoulders to your lower back, to work harder. Here, we rounded up some of the best ab wheels on the market to incorporate into your fitness routine.

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1. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

It includes a carbon steel spring mechanism that provides resistance as you roll out and assistance as you roll back.

Pros: The ultra-wide, spherical wheel allows you to carve left or right. The ergonomic non-slip handles are padded and removable. The unit features high-density foam knee pads and a helpful workout guide.

Cons: It may not work well on thicker carpeting.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Iron Gym Speed Ab Roller

This multi-surface model also features a built-in steel coil for resistance on the way out and a controlled return.

Pros: The pro-grip rubber handles are easily detachable and reduce hand fatigue while ensuring great grip. A wide, non-skid wheel promotes stability and allows for powerful carving motions.

Cons: Some may find the handles too close together.

Iron Gym Ab Roller
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. Gymenist Ab Roller

It’s equipped with a hard plastic double wheel design that offers a smooth workout across various surfaces.

Pros: It also features durable metal handles covered with soft foam for a comfortable grip that prevents slippage. They’re also removable. It weighs almost nothing, and fans of pink will love the color.

Cons: Some may find it’s not the sturdiest.

Gymenist Ab Roller
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon
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