Waterproof Cast Covers to Keep Your Feet Dry and Protected

Healing from a foot injury can be a frustrating process, especially when it comes to bathing or swimming while wearing a bulky cast. Unless you opted for a waterproof cast from your doctor, you’re going to need a solution. While the no-cost option is to create a makeshift cover using a plastic bag, it’s best to purchase a specially designed waterproof cover to prevent any water from seeping in, which could cause irritation or a skin infection. Ahead, we rounded up some of the best foot-cast covers on the market that are reusable and made to fit a variety of foot and leg sizes.

1. DryCorp DryPro Half Leg Cast Cover

The DryPro half-leg cover is made with tough surgical latex and uses vacuum-sealed technology for ultimate waterproof protection.

Pros: It includes a non-skid grid that protects the sole and prevents slipping. It’s offered in sizes small and large.

Cons: Some may find it a tad difficult to pull on.

DryCorp DryPro Half Leg Cast Cover
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2. Duro-Med Dmi Reusable Cast Cover

This cover is constructed with strong, durable and moisture-resistant vinyl and a rubber diaphragm.

Pros: It comes in different lengths for casts that extend higher on the leg. It should fit up to shoe size 13.

Cons: Some may find it feels a little tight on their calves.

duro-med Dmi Reusable Waterproof Cast Cover
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3. Mighty-X Cast Covers

This cover features a stretch opening and lightweight elastic seal that stays tight after multiple uses. It should fit most adults comfortably.

Pros: Two come in a single pack. Each cover lasts roughly five showers.

Cons: Some may find the material to be a bit thin.

Mighty-X Cast Covers
CREDIT: Amazon

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