Best LED and UV Nail Lamps for Pedicures

Doing your gel pedicure at home can save you tons of money, even after investing in a UV or LED nail lamp. These devices, often pretty affordable, feature the UV and LED lights needed to cure gel polishes to a superhard finish. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best options money can buy. They’re all wide enough to fit your feet, not just your hands. Shop professional-grade products in addition to compact designs that are best for smaller feet and on-the-go sleepovers. There’s a pick for every type of pedicure you need.



1. Sunuv Sun2C UV Nail Lamp

Sunuv's Sun2C runs on 48 watts, making it powerful enough to dry nails fast. It comes with four preset time controls, with the longest time setting offering low heat to prevent any burning or discomfort.

Pros: Since the bulbs are both UV and LED light, they can work on both Shellac and gel nail polish. The unit also comes with a removable tray to more easily accommodate feet and a silicone pad on the top to provide a convenient spot for applying coats. The pad can also be switched and comes in three colors: pink, purple and white.

Cons: Some users may prefer an option with a screen timer.

Sunuv Sun2C UV Nail Lamp
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2. Gelish Harmony LED Lamp

While Gelish's design is only 36 watts, all the lights are LED, which means they're powerful enough to get nails to dry fast. This option also comes with a patent-pending eyeShield, which limits your exposure to the light. 

Pros: The unit comes with a preset LED display timer on the back, which also makes it ideal for salon use. The timer includes three countdown settings: 5, 20 and 30 seconds. The design is fairly compact so as not to take up too much desk space and also comes with a removable magnetic tray.

Cons: Some users may find the manufacturer won't honor the included warranty.

Gelish Harmony LED Lamp Light
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3. Teressa UV LED Nail Lamp

With a whopping 72 watts, this lightweight design offers fast-drying results. It comes with a front-facing LED display with three preset time settings to suit your pedicure needs.

Pros: The combination of LED and UV lights means these work with both gel and Shellac nails. A 180-degree multi-angle light bead allow your nails to dry evenly, from the pinky to big toes.

Cons: Some users may find the unit easily shuts off if the unit or cord is moved, even slightly.

Teressa UV LED Nail Lamp
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4. MiroPure UV LED Gel Nail Lamp

MiroPure provides four time settings and a large display screen to make drying your nails a breeze.

Pros: The light used in this lamp is more white than purple, helping maintain the color of your polish and protecting your eyes. The light is on an auto sensor, so all you have to do is slide your hand or foot into the machine — this way you don't mess up your nails by trying to press an on/off switch. It also includes a time-memory function so you don't have to reset the timer between layers.

Cons: The lightbulbs are not replaceable.

miro pure, nail lamp
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5. NailStar Professional Nail Lamp

This nail lamp from NailStar is compact and lightweight, making for easy on-the-go use.

Pros: With four different settings for time, this dryer provides a salon-quality finish; the LED technology cures nails up to three times faster than UV lamps. The easy-to-use buttons and operations make this perfect for sleepovers, home use and more. The brand even offers a 12-month warranty.

Cons: It may be smaller than its competitors, making it better for smaller feet.

nail star, nail lamp
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6. MelodySusie LED UV Nail Lamp

MelodySusie's lamp can cure both regular and gel polishes with its powerful 48-watt lights.

Pros: This version comes with no base, so it's easy to use for manicures and pedicures and allows for more natural mobility. The smart sensor turns the lights on as soon as you put your hand in and turns them off when you remove it, using four different time settings with a large display screen.

Cons: Unlike similar products on the market, this lamp doesn't have a time memory function so you have to reset the timer between hands.

melody susie, nail lamp
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7. BruRkim UV LED Nail Lamp

This smart sensor nail lamp from BruRkim includes a useful top handle to take it from home to wherever you travel.

Pros: Made with an anti-glare function to protect your hands, this lamp offers 72 watts of powerful light. The large display screen makes it easy to check out how much time is left, too, with four different timer options.

Cons: This is not made for regular nail polish.

brukim, nail lamp
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