These Twist Board Trainers Can Help Strengthen Your Core

Twist boards combine the benefits of aerobic exercise with reflexology, a practice that consists of applying pressure to specific points on the feet for soothing effects. They’re typically designed with a ball bearing swivel that allows the unit to twist, which allows you to engage your core muscles as you try to maintain balance on the board, as well as a non-slip base and grippy, textured platform. To get started, steady yourself on the board, position both feet firmly, bend your knees and begin twisting at the waist in a back-and-forth motion. For shopping made easier, we rounded up a few great twist boards to shop.

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1. Figure Trimmer Ab Twister Board

This 12-inch option features a ball-bearing gliding swivel and footprints with eight magnetic key-point nodes to help improve circulation.

Pros: It comes in four colors, supports up to 250 pounds and weighs just 1 pound.

Cons: It’s likely won’t accommodate bigger feet.

Figure Trimmer Ab Twister Board
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Manytonez Waist Trimmer Ab Twist Board

This vibrant pink model is approximately 14 inches wide, making it the largest option on our list and allowing for a wider stance.

Pros: This one also supports up to 250 pounds and includes a non-slip mat.

Cons: Some may prefer other color options.

Manytonez Waist Trimmer Ab Twist Board
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. Aduro Sport Fitness Twisting Board

While this one is the smallest of our picks at 10 inches wide, it’s still able to fit a variety of women’s foot sizes up to about a size 9.

Pros: It weighs just a little over a pound but can support approximately 250 pounds.

Cons: It won’t work with all feet.

Aduro Sport Fitness Twisting Board
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon
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