Waterproof Leg Cast Covers For Any Type of Injury

Breaking a bone or experiencing an injury requiring surgery can cause many changes to your daily life, from the way you get dressed in the morning to the way you shower at night. While some may be lucky enough to receive a waterproof cast, most protective casts are not in themselves protected from water. A waterproof leg cast cover slides right over the cast, brace, bandaging or exposed wound and uses an elasticated opening to seal out moisture. From Duro-Med, TKWC Inc. and other top brands, these coverings come in a variety of heights for any level of injury.

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1. Duro-Med Reusable Cast Cover

Duro-Med’s clear and reusable latex-free cast cover extends 11-inches high and fits up to a size 13 men’s shoe.

Pros: With a stretchable opening meant to be effective to use with just one hand, this cover hits at mid-ankle height, covering injuries and casts resulting from a low ankle or foot injury. The top forms a watertight seal with a wide cover to keep the foot completely dry.

Cons: The bottom of this cover is slick when wet so you have to be careful if your weight rests on that foot.

duro-med cast cover
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2. TKWC Inc Leg Cast Cover

Made from see-through heavy-duty vinyl, TKWC Inc. provides a waterproof seal that stretches to fit over your cast or brace.

Pros: The knee-length height of this cover blocks out water for casts resulting from shin, ankle or any other lower leg injury. It can be reused for six to eight weeks to last throughout the duration of your recovery.

Cons: The diaphragm opens up to six inches and then retracts with elasticity, meaning it may fit tighter on wider calves and thicker casts.

twkc inc cast cover
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3. Keefitt Cast Protector

This reusable and waterproof cast protector uses nonslip, latex-free materials, sealed with an elasticated opening.

Pros: For more serious injuries like a broken femur or a broken knee cap, you’ll want to invest in this full-leg cover as it protects up to 43.5 inches high. The tight seal stretches to fit your leg but is tight enough to block out moisture and the lining is designed to not stick to your skin.

Cons: The brand recommends this for adults measuring 5-feet-5-inches to 6-foot tall and weighing 100 to 220 pounds; anyone outside those ranges may find this product fits too large or too small.

keefitt cast cover
CREDIT: Amazon
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