Best Pinky Toe Protectors and Cushions for Pain Relief

When you have a blister or suffer from stubborn corns on your pinky toes, wearing shoes or simply walking barefoot can be painful. Thankfully, pinky toe protectors and cushions are a simple solution. Typically made of silicone gel, protectors slip on over your pinky toe to prevent it from rubbing against the inside of shoes or neighboring toes — which can cause further irritation. Protectors can also help improve alignment of the toes if you suffer from overlapping digits due to bunionettes (bony bumps that forms at the base of little toe). Cushions are a more low-profile option that will similarly help reduce friction. Ahead, we’ve rounded up great options in both categories for instant relief.

1. Tailor’s Pinky Toe Shield

This pair of pinky toe protectors are made from silicone gel and slip right on.

Pros: They’re washable and reusable.

Cons: Some may find them to be a bit thick.

Tailor's Pinky Toe Shield
CREDIT: Amazon

2. Compeed Advanced Corn Care Cushions

These active gel pinky toe cushions are waterproof and form-fitting, making them good for showering and exercise.

Pros: Hydrocolloid technology helps soften and remove corns. A two-pack comes with ten cushions each.

Cons: Some may find them a tad thin.

Compeed Advanced Corn Care Cushions
CREDIT: Amazon

3. JKcare Pinky Toe Sleeves

These pinky toe sleeves are also made of a silicone gel material that’s soft and stretchy.

Pros: These can also be washed and reused. They’re nearly invisible so they won’t be obvious when wearing open-toe shoes. Twelve come in a single pack.

Cons: They may stretch too much with repeated wear.

JKcare Transparent Pinky Toe Sleeves
CREDIT: Amazon

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