Essential Oils Are a Natural Way to Help Relieve Foot Pain From Neuropathy

Looking for an alternative to traditional medical treatment of neuropathy? Consider essential oils, a natural approach to the relief of nerve damage and joint pain associated with neuropathy and diabetes. While essential oils are not considered a cure-all, some studies believe certain types could contribute to pain relief. To administer, either massage into the affected areas or add some oil to bathwater. Before applying, do a patch test on a small area of skin to test for any irritation or side effects. It might take some trial and error to find the one that’s right for you.  Frankincense oil, which is often combined with other analgesic compounds like Hypericum perforatum, may aid in pain relief and can be used as part of a beauty routine mixed with face creams and even shampoos. It’s woody, spicy smell, also creates a soothing, aromatic effect when used in a room diffuser, alone or with other scents.

1. Frankincense & Myrhh Essential Oil

This Frankincense and Myrrh oil is designed to provide relief from gently prickling to severe stabbing sensations in the foot area, and has a pleasant aromatic smell.

Pros: It’s also made with peppermint oil and Hypericum Perforatum, a scientifically backed topical analgesic.

Cons: The packaging doesn’t specify proper dosage.

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2. Handcraft Blends Franincense Oil

Offered in a generous 4-ounce size, this all-natural oil is packaged in amber glass to help keep out damaging UV rays.

Pros: It blends well with bergamot, clove, clary sage and rosemary.

Cons: It may not be as aromatic as expected.


3. Radha Beauty Frankincense Oil

This 100% pure and natural Frankincense oil is packaged in a cobalt blue bottle to provide ultraviolet light protection for  a long-lasting effect.

Pros: It’s made to aid in pain relief from arthritis and nighttime leg cramps, while also soothing rough, dry skin.

Cons: If you find the scent to be too strong, consider mixing it with an unscented lotion.

radha, oil
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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