The CDC-Approved Cleaning Guidelines You Should Be Using for Shoes, Socks, Clothes + More

Now more than ever, thorough cleanliness is at the top of everyone’s mind.

There still remains uncertainty around the survival rate of the disease on surfaces and its possible transfer to people. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, places like homes, offices and restaurants and storefronts alike should be taking precautionary measures to disinfect surfaces, from doorknobs and tables to carpets and electronics.

To make sure you are properly cleaning (reducing germs and impurities) and disinfecting (killing germs altogether) your most touched areas, check out these disinfecting products you should be using with guidance from the CDC. Approved disinfectants include but are not limited to Lysol wipes and sprays, Clorox products, Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom products, Panther disinfectant towelettes, S&S Sanitizer and Peroxide multi-surface cleaners.

Below, we rounded up the best practices as suggested by the CDC with available cleaning products to help you along the way.

For High-Touch Surfaces

High-touch surfaces can include everything from door handles and light switches to keyboards and sink faucets. These everyday items are highly important to disinfect regularly as they are mostly unavoidable in use and tend to witness interaction from multiple people daily. The CDC recommends cleaning these items first with soap and water before disinfecting with disinfectant sprays and wipes or, if those are not accessible, with diluted bleach solutions.

Diluted bleach can be made by mixing five tablespoons, or one-third cup, of bleach with a gallon of water, according to CDC.

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For Soft Surfaces

Softer surfaces are more sensitive and cannot be easily wiped or disinfected as harder areas. For carpets, floors, furniture and drapes, the CDC recommends cleaning the surface using soap and water or using cleaners appropriate for use as stated by the manufacturers. They also recommend laundering these items, if possible, following set guidelines from manufactures. Certain pieces can be disinfected with an EPA-registered household disinfectant and all should be vacuumed as normal. (Click here for tips on how to clean and sanitize your shoes, too).

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For Electronics

With electronics, including but not limited to keyboards, tablets, phones, remote controls and ATM machines, you should first follow the cleaning instructions provided manufacturers. If none are provided, alcohol-based wipes or cleaning sprays with at least 70% alcohol can also do the trick, according to CDC.

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For Fabric Items

When cleaning clothing, socks, machine-washable shoes, towels, linens and other fabric items, it is recommended to use the warmest possible water setting as is appropriate when following the brand’s instructions for laundering. The CDC states that laundry from someone who has been sick can be washed with other items, but you should wear gloves when touching the dirty pieces. It’s also best to apply the same standards for cleaning softer surfaces to your laundry hampers. The CDC advises to not shake dirty laundry to prevent the spread of more germs and grime.

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For Outdoor Surfaces

Outdoor surfaces, unlike indoor areas, do not require regular disinfection, just routine cleaning. These surfaces like playgrounds and parks, should be simply cleaned using proper soap and water techniques. The CDC advises against using disinfectants as it is “not an efficient use of supplies and is not proven to reduce risk to the public.” It also added that sidewalks and roads do not need to be disinfected as they, too, are not a risk for spreading infections.

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