Best Workout Card Decks for Switching Up Your Routine

Whether you’re trying to get into at-home workouts or simply want to spice up your gym sessions, fitness card games have you covered. These decks feature a series of targeted exercises for toning your abs, legs, arms, back and more. Some also include great stretches to do before and after your workout, as well as during yoga practice. For shopping made easy, we rounded up some of our favorite fitness card decks on the market. No matter your fitness level, these sets feature various workouts suited to any skill level, from beginners to advanced athletes.

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1. Stack 52 Bodyweight Exercise Cards

Stack 52’s workout cards feature 52 exercises of various intensities.

Pros: The brand breaks down the workouts into beginner, intermediate, advances or all levels so you can work your way up as you grow stronger. Also, if you come across an exercise you’re having troubling executing, you can simply scan the QR code on the workout cards with your smartphone for online video demonstrations.

Cons: There are 52 exercise cards but not 52 unique movements as certain exercises may be repeated in the stack with varied sets/repetitions.

stack52, exercise cards
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2. NewMe Fitness Exercise Cards

NewMe Fitness loads you up with 50 different exercise cards.

Pros: The images on these cards not only illustrate how to perform specific exercises but also indicate which muscle(s) each exercise targets. The cards are durable and waterproof with a custom workout card that can be written on with a dry-erase marker to add any of your personal favorites.

Cons: Because the cards are plastic, they may be slippery and harder to stack. Additionally, some of the exercises may be too advanced for beginners.

newme fitness, exercise cards
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3. Fitdeck Illustrated Exercise Playing Cards

FitDeck provides a starting point for any type of workout with their exercise cards.

Pros: The exercises on these cards vary from core blasters to dumbbell workouts to stretching or yoga, setting you up for success at any fitness level. You can also purchase multiple packs and mix and match the cards in each deck for a varied experience.

Cons: There only 18 cards in each deck, which is less than what many other competitors offer.

fitdeck exercise cards
CREDIT: Amazon
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