Best Toenail Filers for Smooth Nails

Keeping your toenails clean and well-trimmed minimizes the risk of getting ingrown nails and infections. When you want to touch up your pedicure or even cut your nail shape, choose your toenail filer wisely. It’s best to use a stainless steel option because it’s easy to sanitize. Unlike emery boards, which are difficult to disinfect, these more robust silhouettes are also more likely to hold up when filing down thicker nails. Just be sure to be gentle throughout the grooming process; tearing your nails or cutting them too short can create a breeding ground for ingrown nails and unwanted germs. For more control when shaping, try toenail filers with handles. See our best finds below.

1. Mr. Green Stainless Steel Nail File

Each nail file is made in Japan, features two different textured nail boards and comes with a leather carrying case.

Pros: There is a rough and a finer side to polish off thick edges and smooth out unevenness. The file also has a grooved handle, so you’re able to maintain a controlled grip and precisely shape your nails.

Cons: Keep in mind that this file is on the thicker side.


2. Familife Stainless Steel Toenail File

This dual-sided toenail file features a curved and straight edge to help you smooth rigid nails and reach crevices.

Pros: The center part features a gripped texture for a non-slip hold. It comes as a set with a toenail lifter, instruction manual and handy storage case.

Cons: It takes some practice to effectively use.


3. Zizzon Stainless Steel Nail File

Another dual-sided option, this one has a 5-inch steel board with coarse and thinner sides.

Pros:The heavy-duty product thoroughly files for an even cut and features a handle for easy use. It also comes with a portable carrying case.

Cons: This file can be abrasive, so be careful when using it.


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